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A Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, from around 1962, that just happened to be in the neighborhood. R-Rs first blipped onto my radar screen in the mid 60’s via the television show Burke’s Law. This car reminds me of our family car back then – a 1951 Dodge (and really I understand your amusement). That Dodge was one of the first automobiles I photographed, with a Kodak Instamatic, my first ever camera.



Multiculturalism, Pawlet, VT

October 19, 2017

Nice to see this Tricolored Taegeuk on the side of an old Yankee barn, deep in the heart of VT. It’s probably Korean, but derived from the earlier yin/yang symbol that has its origins in China and Taoism. The yellow, red and blue lobes (“pa” in Korean) represent humanity, earth and heaven respectively (which kinda covers it, no?).


Angel, East Wallingford, VT

October 14, 2017


There’s almost too much going on in this photo; with the bright afternoon sunlight careening around all the architectural details, everything seems to be vying for attention.

I prefer softer light for these type of shots – perhaps a high overcast day as on the previous post – but nothing remotely close to that was going to happen here until the sun came off the building, probably a couple hours out. And I was in transit.

Such are the realities of serendipitous shooting. But this one is growing on me.


These guys are staying in practice or have a sense of humor … or both.


Ahh, the hometown – where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Three thousand people living there then, and now.

Here’s the main intersection (looking NNE) with the Town Hall and the war memorials, including the new one for WWII veterans.

“Westside Pride”, the unit shown here, (small town minimalism to be sure), was one of sixty that came out to march on this Memorial Day, and the rain held off till later in the day.



Oceanside, Madison, CT

April 24, 2017

This shoreline cottage is probably magnificent any time of the year, but early spring is when I’m most apt to drop by to photograph. (Thank you, Margaret!)

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Habitat, Madison, CT

April 7, 2017