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Dory, Ogunquit, ME

September 24, 2017


Dinghy, Wilmington, VT

July 31, 2017


Looking east as the CT River flows by the Essex Dock.



These guys are staying in practice or have a sense of humor … or both.


Beautiful car to be sure, but there are a few other things I might like to do with an extra $80K or so.


Offseason, Westbrook, CT

January 14, 2017

The joint is jumping in the summer, but come the offseason, not so much.

Today I was talking about FL with a Tai Chi classmate (local Y, great class) who was telling stories of Key West: ” You have to bring another liver…”

It’s that time up here in New England when we start dreaming (and talking) about white sandy beaches and warm breezes (even though it was in the mid-50s a couple of days ago).


Headlights, Johnson, VT

November 2, 2016

headlights-8760 Night falls quickly in mid autumn here; the extended twilight – so sublime just three months ago – barely remembered.

Now, there’s a chill in the air before the sun even sets, and we readily head indoors – to light and warmth – ceding the dark to what roams the night time vastness of northern New England.

But oh our wild hearts! And so we are bound, to pause at the door and reach back to the landscape, for all those things a hearth and home simply cannot contain.


Home and Away, Dorset, VT

October 18, 2016


There are any number of mobile homes, trailers and campers scattered across the north country landscape, though perhaps fewer than a decade ago. Many of the larger ones appear to be primary homes. The smaller ones seem only intermittently used: weekend getaways or hunting camps. This one looks to be a vintage Airstream Travel Trailer, ready for the open road.


Blowin’ In, Old Saybrook, CT

September 6, 2016


Here on the northern fringes of Tropical Storm Hermine, with wind coming in from the NE: some branches down later in the evening, and electricity was out for a few hours, but otherwise the area fared pretty well.

Living closer to the water now, I find myself more interested in flags, mostly as a quick read on wind direction and force. In an unexpected way, they’ve also become inspirational, from the Tibetan prayer flags out back over our garden, to the American flags around the neighborhood. They’ve brought me closer to distant places, times and peoples, whether Tibetan villagers or those who fought or otherwise witnessed the War of 1812, from whence comes the Star Spangled Banner (“…gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there…”). Powerful symbols they have always been, and likely to remain so.