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There’s almost too much going on in this photo; with the bright afternoon sunlight careening around all the architectural details, everything seems to be vying for attention.

I prefer softer light for these type of shots – perhaps a high overcast day as on the previous post – but nothing remotely close to that was going to happen here until the sun came off the building, probably a couple hours out. And I was in transit.

Such are the realities of serendipitous shooting. But this one is growing on me.


Gravestones, Newfane, VT

April 27, 2017

The gravestones of David, Mary and Joseph Merrifield in the Newfane Hill Cemetery; they passed away in the early part of the 19th century.

O dear one, don’t be proud of color and beauty, Death is standing on your head.” (from a hymn by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, 1926-1997)


My best guess is that these two hand positions (mudras) are the Karana (Warding Off Evil – right hand) and the Bhumisparsa (Touching the Earth – left hand). This Buddha can be found in the gardens at the Harkness State Park in Waterford, a wonderful place to re-center and recharge, and well worth a trip any time of the year.

On this Easter weekend, as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, may we also give thanks for ALL of those enlightened souls – including the Buddha – who come to help us along on this earthly sojourn. May we continue the work of changing our habits, and our point of view, towards a realization of their experience, and their vision.


Peace Sign, Old Lyme, CT

December 31, 2016

One last image here for 2016 – one that’s been percolating for the past few days. Not so much a summation of the past year, but more about the way forward into the next.

It surprised me that after looking at all the images that I gravitated to this one: fiery, passionate, fierce, and decidedly not from the flowery old school. But then again, waging peace calls for every bit of talent, skill and discipline we can muster – separately as individuals and together as communities – day in and day out.

I want to thank Andrea and her family, who, like lighthouse keepers of yore, keep this flame burning bright, right there on a main road in Old Lyme. And a special thanks for lighting it up a little early for me tonight.

Happy New Year to all, and may 2017 bring you some pleasant surprises!!


Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Yule! Happy Solstice! Blessings for Everyone!

And a simple prayer for the season:

“Peace be unto all the world over, under Thy Will, O God.” (Guru Nanak, 1469-1539 AD)


Morning Gathering, Weston, VT

December 23, 2016

Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the community of monks at the Weston Priory, for a piece that ran in Vermont magazine.

I think of them now, at this time of the Winter Solstice, Christmas and Hanukkah – the return of the Light – and how they represent our better natures.

They would probably tell you that it IS difficult to build community, BUT with effort, prayer and a conscious commitment to support one another as best as we can, something great can happen. And as difficult as those struggles can be – with oneself, with others, and with our Creator – they are well worth our time and attention.

Here the Brothers gather at their morning meeting, which unfolds in prayer, song, readings and discussion of the day’s plans.


A Prayer, Old Saybrook, CT

September 11, 2016


At the 9/11 Memorial on the Old Saybrook Town Green.


Cemetery, Shrewsbury, VT

November 23, 2015



wightman cemetery-4151

Went up to northeast CT for some barnboard – turned out to be too far gone for the cabinet in my mind’s eye – but had a nice visit with the farmer. His barn blew down a few years ago when Hurricane Sandy came through (thus the barnboard), with winds apparently coming in from the north. I wouldn’t have expected that as from our own location – 35 miles to the south – it clearly came in from the southeast. “I’ve been here 62 years and I’ve never seen anything like that wind…” adding parenthetically as he gestured to an empty space, “nor did the barn..” He raises goats now and talked about the coyote and bobcat presence in the area, which “culls the herd”.

Remnants of days gone by can occasionally be spotted in the region, though most have disappeared or otherwise receded into the landscape, obscured by the swell of homes built in the last few decades -split levels, ranches, colonials – too much of a mishmash of styles for my taste. I did see a couple of old cemeteries though – this one was located on an east facing hill.


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