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Courtesy of Sky View Free app on my Galaxy 4 smartphone.


September Day, Chester, CT

September 15, 2017

Lying on the beach at Cedar Lake (the water perfect for swimming), looking off into the blue distance, and up comes that old lyric: “..that lucky old sun, got nothin’ to do, but roll around heaven all day..”

That’s from the the 1949 tune Lucky Old Sun, music by Beasley Smith and words by Haven Gillespie – covered by many, including Ray Charles, Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.


El Hombre, Jaffrey, NH

September 11, 2017

My old friend JG – born and raised in west Texas – at the top of MT Monadnock.


Top of Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH

September 8, 2017

Looking west from the top of MT Monadnock, the most climbed mountain in North America and second only to Mount Fuji in the world.

On a weekday afternoon in the first week of Sept. though, there were only a few hikers at the top. We went up via the Dublin Trail, one I had never used. My preferred route is still the Old Halfway House Trail, accessible from Rt. 124; it’s the shortest and steepest path, but that dirt road for the first half of the journey is a wonderful way to start as well as close the hike.


Habitat, Madison, CT

April 7, 2017


Still working on that simple, elegant koan of a metaphor – our mind is like the sky and our thoughts merely clouds passing through.


sky over north cove-3603

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at Karme Choling-3963


mowing the alfalfa-4387

There were a few days of heavy rains in the area earlier in the week; but on this day, lots of sun and a big blue sky, with a steady stream of huge cumulus clouds rolling through. I had already taken a few images of this scene (see below), and not wanting to overstay my welcome on the property, had returned to the car. Then the sounds of the tractor working the field came up, and back I went. John, the very congenial property owner, trades the alfalfa to the neighboring farmer for some cord wood, and everyone benefits, especially the cows. That freshly mown alfalfa had the sweetest scent!