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Mud Season, Colrain, MA

March 8, 2017

This was a day that hit 60 degrees, and, not coincidently, ushered in the beginning of mud season. Another harbinger of Spring – when the sap starts running – began a few days earlier. That usually happens in mid to late winter when daytime temps move above freezing.


man and nature-7558


bees and blossoms-1799

I once picked apples at this orchard, over 30 years ago – the only local (and gringo) so employed – everyone else was from Jamaica. It took me a full two weeks to acclimate my body to climbing up and down the ladder with a load of apples in the kidney shaped bucket at my waist, straps cutting into my shoulder, and I thought of myself in pretty decent shape to begin with. We were on a daily quota for the first week; to a man my co-workers finished by noon while it took me the full day. By the end of the season though, which lasted about 6 weeks, I had pulled even.

Many a fine memory there; the top rung of the ladder offered the best view of the orchard itself as well as distances near and far. It was heaven to be doing that hard physical work, no matter the weather; knowing it was time limited probably helped.

This image is from the beginning of the season, after the trees had been pruned and just before the bees really began pollinating.


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My Peace, New Bedford, MA

November 14, 2015

My Peace-4993

Arlo Guthrie played this song as the encore to his performance last nite at the Z in New Bedford, MA, and of course invited the sellout crowd to sing along. The lyrics were his father Woody’s, to which Arlo added the music. Apparently Woody left a couple thousand of these songs (poems?) – which he may have never put to music.

There were quite a few highlights to the evening – including the first tune of his daughter Sara Lee’s opening set, a cover of the song by “my father’s friend Donovan”, Catch The Wind. That itself was worth the price of admission. The evening was an intimate affair, kinda like going over to the Guthrie household for an evening of stories and song. That is his daughter Sara Lee on the left, and his son Abe on keyboards on the right, with Terry Hall on drums.

(for Paris, and France, and anyone affected by violence, anywhere)




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swimming hole-4048


atlantic cedar swamp trail-0141

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost

Actually not so much with this boardwalk. It just loops around in a circle – as does the actual Cedar Swamp Trail.


chatham harbor -0394

There are any number of beautiful towns and villages tucked into the hillsides and coastline of New England, and Chatham MA might just be the most photogenic of them all. It’s a small town of six thousand (three times that in the summer) on the elbow of Cape Cod, with many wonderful homes throughout (that classic Cape style), and spectacular ocean views to the east and south as well.

Now granted, I’ve only been there once – which just happened to be on a beautiful early September day with a huge high pressure ridge (lots of blue skies, low humidity) firmly in place over the entire Cape – but still. It’s a remarkable town and certainly worth a visit, or two or three.