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I remember that evening in the small one room cabin, probably an old sugaring house in another life. A wood stove kept us warm. It was late winter.

Four, maybe six of us, tucked into the “living room”, communing with spirits that rose up in the stories and songs and laughter we shared deep into the night.

We were young, and locked in tight to “being here now”. Who knew the season would pass? Who knew there would be other, different ones, to follow? Who knew back then there was a future?


queen anne's lace-


Fishing Shack, Wilmington, VT

February 11, 2016

fishing shack-

I never know what to expect in my annual midwinter pilgrimage to the Harriman Reservoir. Sometimes there is a snowpack, sometimes not; mostly it is frozen over, occasionally there are no fishing shacks out there.

Most beautiful times to photograph are on days like this one: midweek (when no one is around), overcast, perhaps snow in the offing. Taken with 35mm slide film.


Shelter, Sunderland, VT

August 13, 2015


There was a photo contest sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program in the early 90’s, to coincide with the first Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. The theme was “Focus on Your World”, and the winner was to receive an all-expense paid trip to Rio, where they would also pick up $20K at World Environment Day ceremonies. Somehow this image seemed appropriate to their call for images that would “heighten international awareness of our fragile environment” – I seem to remember a “shelter” subcategory. In any case, I had my bags packed but, uh, never heard back. There were 32K+ submissions, and a book was published of the winning images, which I just ordered here.


cliffs of moher-

Cause you can’t have too many shots of this majestic place. Actually there was a similar view which I can’t find at the moment (slide film and all), taken closer to the edge and showing a young (maybe 10 year old) kid on a small outcropping about 30 feet down from the foreground you see here. He had climbed over the edge with no safety gear whatsoever (well not counting perhaps the most valuable of all – his proprioceptive system – but still), and seemed totally comfortable there, as apparently did mom – standing near the edge with one eye on him and the other on the view.


irish pasture-


inch boy-

Always loved this shot of summer and the shore, and childhood; there’s added resonance because one of our young nephews was known as “inch boy” around our house when he was real little. Who knew there was a town called Inch in the world, to say nothing of his Irish twin ?


irish street musicians-

Taken 20 years ago while rambling around southwest Ireland. Traditional music was just about everywhere, including on many street corners. One particularly fond memory was at a small bar where the (seated) musicians would play a song or two, then have a smoke (rolling their own) and some good conversation and a few laughs before launching into another song 5-10 minutes later. This went on pretty much for a full two hours. I loved it ! Taken on 35 mm slide film.


north of the laurentians-

Taken some 25 years ago on 35mm film. I drove north from Montreal, into the foothills of the Laurentians – a landscape ever more lonesome, mysterious, and beautiful the further in I went.


late winter stream-

Taken over 25 years ago, before digital. There is sometimes a beautiful, almost tropical color (opaline green ?) to both flowing and small pond water in mid to late winter – no idea how it happens – I chalk it up to snow melt, vegetation and the play of light from increased solar gain as we move toward summer. In any case, it’s a welcome sign of warmer days.