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Two of the youngest participants in the Old Saybrook ‘Sister March’, which drew over 1000 people from the area on 1/21. These gals – Ella and Sophia – were the photo op stars of the event.


Morning Gathering, Weston, VT

December 23, 2016

Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to photograph the community of monks at the Weston Priory, for a piece that ran in Vermont magazine.

I think of them now, at this time of the Winter Solstice, Christmas and Hanukkah – the return of the Light – and how they represent our better natures.

They would probably tell you that it IS difficult to build community, BUT with effort, prayer and a conscious commitment to support one another as best as we can, something great can happen. And as difficult as those struggles can be – with oneself, with others, and with our Creator – they are well worth our time and attention.

Here the Brothers gather at their morning meeting, which unfolds in prayer, song, readings and discussion of the day’s plans.



This place has one of the great community bulletin boards in all of New England, and a wonderful ambiance as well. It’s right in the center of Johnson, and yes, has some good food and coffee, too.


A Prayer, Old Saybrook, CT

September 11, 2016


At the 9/11 Memorial on the Old Saybrook Town Green.



Pretty amazing that our neighbor Victor has been playing in the Horseshoe League in Deep River for the past 52 years; he started in 1964!! This year he says he’s “doing ok”, averaging 24, down from a high of 33 in his younger days. (Rounds of 12, two tosses each round, 3 points for a ringer, 1 for landing within 6 inches, leaners included.)



Joziu Smith-6670

Two institutions in West Rutland, the man and the cafe; Joziu has been a daily customer since the cafe first opened 20 years ago.


running tally-6549


Two Dancers, Old Saybrook, CT

December 14, 2015

Some of the revelry at the Torchlight Holiday Parade in Old Saybrook, which was short on torchlights and heavy on fife and drum bands.


retreat of the pumpkins-4912

Halloween passes, and the call for pumpkins takes a nosedive. Those that didn’t sell here are headed back from whence they came, LongShot Farms in Old Lyme, where they will be smashed open and fed to the cattle.


Ice Out Dates, Elmore, VT

October 24, 2015

elmore general store-4725

There was probably more empty space on this bulletin board than in the entire general store where I found it. All the usual goods were scrunched in, PLUS a pooch lying in front of the cash register, AND a woodstove, AND an ATM machine, and even the town post office – entrance on the left in the picture. The crown jewel of the board had to be a handwritten record of the last 75 years of “ice out dates”, when the ice on Lake Elmore (immediately behind the place) finally melts. The earliest was in 2012 (March 26), and the latest was in 1972 (May 11).