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Eight miles out across this body of water is Prince Edward Island. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could actually walk halfway there, particularly at low tide (and the water was sooo warm). The photograph was taken in the early 1990’s, when the Confederation Bridge – which now connects New Brunswick to the Island – was still in its planning stages.

This beach was the northernmost point of a ten day road trip around the Bay of Fundy – car camping all the way, in private campgrounds and provincial parks – a magnificent vacation experience with the woman who would eventually become my wife.

Photograph taken with my Fuji 6X7 film camera.



Fishing Shack, Wilmington, VT

February 12, 2017

One antidote for the cabin fever that settles in after the holidays is to get away for a bit; in this case out to the ice and into your little fishing shack, away from everything (but yourself), if just for while. And – the best part – you can just pretend you’re out there to fish.





My friend Larry A. and I were talking about our grade school education in Catholic schools (his in NYC, mine in VT), and the experience of nuns as teachers. It was a fine start to our education, we both agreed, emphasizing as it did those all important basics like reading.

I am extremely grateful to those teachers – and my parents who so believed in education – for giving me every tool they possibly could to prepare me for what lay ahead. If I have any regret, it’s in my own lack of attention to what was offered.

MANY MANY THANKS to each of you, wherever you are now.

Alternate Title: Where E-Readers Fear To Tread.

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Pretty amazing that our neighbor Victor has been playing in the Horseshoe League in Deep River for the past 52 years; he started in 1964!! This year he says he’s “doing ok”, averaging 24, down from a high of 33 in his younger days. (Rounds of 12, two tosses each round, 3 points for a ringer, 1 for landing within 6 inches, leaners included.)



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Fishing Shack, Wilmington, VT

February 11, 2016

fishing shack-

I never know what to expect in my annual midwinter pilgrimage to the Harriman Reservoir. Sometimes there is a snowpack, sometimes not; mostly it is frozen over, occasionally there are no fishing shacks out there.

Most beautiful times to photograph are on days like this one: midweek (when no one is around), overcast, perhaps snow in the offing. Taken with 35mm slide film.


willie at the beach-1118

Willie the Wonder Dog (aren’t they all), playing at Hamonassett State Park in 2005. We’d often take him there in the wintertime, and though he loved the wide open spaces, would never wander too far afield.


Wipeout, Kennebunkport, ME

September 24, 2015


Here are the Ventures old and new playing their signature song of the same title, originally recorded in 1963. And who knew there was surfing in ME, in September?