Updated Thanksgiving Day 2016  –  music for the digital darkroom. – wonderful writing on photography, and especially interesting because the editor, Mike Johnston, regularly drifts far afield. How to brew a good cup of coffee, anyone? – my original gateway into the world of the digital photography more than a decade ago, but their forums and reviews are still relevant, particularly for user experiences.  –   Vermont artist and poet, brother in faith.  – North Carolina musician, old and dear friend, still rocking the casbahs. – My brother in faith, Billy Petix, put up this remarkable site, dedicated to our teacher Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji.  Drawing on many spiritual traditons, the site is bound to have something of value for seekers everywhere. – Kim Knox Beckius has probably explored more of New England than just about anyone out there, and she sends along weekly NE travel guides that are jam packed with timely information – and just plain inspiration – to get yourself out of town.    

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