The simplest display option I have found for these images is the use of the TAG, CATEGORIES, or ARCHIVES sections in the right sidebar area on any page.  Click on any of those, and a gallery of relevant images will quickly populate, in full size.  

For one large gallery, simply click on Months found in the CATEGORIES section. 

Throughout the site, only ten images will be displayed at a time.  If there are more in any section, you will see previous entries at the bottom of that page and need to click on that.

You may also display by month which is found above each image.


RANDOM POSTS in the right sidebar area, which brings up links to five random photos from the archives, going back to 2010.

It’s a good way to roam around the site, as each new photo/page refreshes the list. You might find it a bit of a rabbit hole, though.

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