November Color, Old Lyme, CT

November 30, 2016



oriental-bittersweet-9331Though their fruit is incredibly colorful in an otherwise drab November landscape, these plants are woody vines that are terribly invasive and don’t play well with native species. It’s recommended that they be eradicated while still in small patches, something that can be done manually.



It seems a given in life that things fall apart: our cars and roads and bridges, our bodies and relationships, our simple fences and over larger spans of time, even our complex civilizations. Nothing new there. We put a lot of time and attention keeping things in good working order, and with greater complexity comes the need for skills and vision that rise to the task.

So it’s no wonder things disintegrate, human nature (and our shifting priorities) being what they are. We often just don’t have the time or the money, the inclination or information or the skillset, to do the work to keep things going. So they come apart. And we fix them or we don’t.

So the larger questions: what do we value? what do we hold onto? what do we let go of? what’s worth our time?


The Confluence, Newfane, VT

November 25, 2016


Another view of the two rivers coming together, taken from Route 30. If ever there was a place to really feel the qi in the universe (ok, let’s stick to New England), this would be it.



This place was a touch of heaven yesterday, a Monday in mid-November, with the temperature a balmy 65 degrees and nary a cloud in the sky. It’s where the Rock River joins the West River, to flow eventually into the CT River in Brattleboro. The area shown here draws a huge crowd of visitors in the summer, and has finally received official designation via a road sign on Route 30: “Recreational Area”.


Dinghies, Cape Pleasant, ME

November 10, 2016





Headlights, Johnson, VT

November 2, 2016

headlights-8760 Night falls quickly in mid autumn here; the extended twilight – so sublime just three months ago – barely remembered.

Now, there’s a chill in the air before the sun even sets, and we readily head indoors – to light and warmth – ceding the dark to what roams the night time vastness of northern New England.

But oh our wild hearts! And so we are bound, to pause at the door and reach back to the landscape, for all those things a hearth and home simply cannot contain.


pumpkins-bTaken outside the self-service farm stand at the Chandler Pond Farm. Reflecting our better natures, the money box was not locked. A big thank you to the farm folks there, not only for the beautiful pumpkins (I bought the next to largest size for $6.00), but also for your faith and trust in our better selves.


Home and Away, Dorset, VT

October 18, 2016


There are any number of mobile homes, trailers and campers scattered across the north country landscape, though perhaps fewer than a decade ago. Many of the larger ones appear to be primary homes. The smaller ones seem only intermittently used: weekend getaways or hunting camps. This one looks to be a vintage Airstream Travel Trailer, ready for the open road.